February 12, 2007

siena, july 2006

eating figs.
we ate like the romans.
paolo pulled back the flesh. we pulled at the flesh. we ate the pulp. i let it drip down my chin.

he fed me the fruit. he fed me my heart.
the love i feel.... it's different in italy. it's better. passion becomes undeniable, filling every cell in my body. smiling and giggling naturally follow. i feel comfortable in my own skin.

in usa, i am deemed obsessive and crazy. in italy, i'm simply passionate. andy said one day i would meet someone who appreciated my "intensity." allora....

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JUSTink said...

there is so much that can be shown to the world if only the world could open its eyes. to me the us is the world cause this is all i known and yet i understand what it is and isn't to be a memeber of the US community. I really like your stuff. it makes me sit back and really look at the mirror in front of me.