February 11, 2007

la megliore cena

this evening was by far the best italian dinner i've ever made. one of my friends, peter, lived in italy for 4 months as a study abroad. he hates beans; he ate them tonight. he even said, "meglio del sesso!!"

and this dinner sort of solidifies it for me. i've learned i'm no longer to say "i want to move to italy." instead i say "when i move to italy. or i will move to italy." i will begin the affirmations. beginning late last night and into today, i began to have distinct and vivid visions of italy. of my time there l'estate passato. how i used to call to paolo: mano mano mano mano mano!!! for to hold his hand. e poi, the back streets of napoli. how i took the subway back and forth. the multitude of street vendors. the anonymity. the joviality; the warthm; the closed down chiese (perchè??); the shoes i wanted but didn't buy; the ubiquity of dead sea creatures; unknown vias; strangers offering me dinner, caffè. and i think about what i shall name my children.

stasera, cucino:

attending guests:

shawna, zac, peter, ian


Pittsburgh Midwife said...

Food with Friends...nice.


sarahcapshaw said...

i wish i could have been there this looks delicious AND fun. those two do usually go together after all.

Caitlin Gosnell said...

bruschetta is one of my favorite foods. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

zac said...

ah, nothings better than pretend eating for a photograph!