May 28, 2007

uno mese

exactly one month from today, i will see you. i will touch you. and you will feed me.
a long time coming, and my passion still burns.
mi fai sorriso. mi fai felice. non c'è niente (nessuno) più che vorrei.
allora, sto aspettando....

May 21, 2007

perchè non capite?

it seems quite a few are having a hard time grasping my ideas. and the problem is that my work makes so perfect sense to me, i do not understand the confusion others have and thus have a hard time explaining to non-believers. my ideas are shared with fabio; they are so innate in fabio's life that i find perhaps his words much more eloquent than my own:

28 gennaio:
Tell me about you and your art. Is
it the same art and live? Yes, of course and fighting to eat when with
art you can have [no - rj] money, and so more an more art is life and there is
nothing to smile about this.

19 febbraio:
And i am italian, Rachel! and you - Rachel - are American,
old power and new power touching in us, in our way to have art in our possibility to live.
I want to touch your artistic way to connect reality,
confusing languages,
grammatical way to write,
mixing ourlanguage
and language of man are many and so fusing visual and lips,
and voice too
putting in the fascination of your photos in which the body could talk –
your blu body fragmented in blu pieces is the imagine of this new millennium –
and building bridge between our reality – and they are not so much differents.
Because there is no more straight road
because there is no more unity
but just fragments and pieces and I feel the bloody in veins rivering when we put together the different fragment of our art over the ocean between us.

24 febbraio:
i am
looking for
to see
coul be
my artistic way
with another
that is
in a room
is not art
is just
stupid narcisism
for this reason
i say
there is nosense
in world
and for this
to create
what we want
for us
it is
the story
of infinity
no center
so everypalce
in the same moment
the center
and the oppost of it
the only
thing to do
to give
our sense

my art is not just about becoming italian, becoming who makes me happy, this is life, a way to living, a means of understanding; simply: communication. this is everything. or at least an attempt to know everything. through confusion.

May 19, 2007

la tua forza

quando penso al tutto che è terribile nel mondo, sono molto triste. penso alla tua forza. e uso la tua forza perchè lo so che dobbiamo combattere.

May 9, 2007

a revisit

i had forgotten what happens in the summer.
today i made summer salad, which i haven't made in probably years.
i had forgotten that when i chop fresh tomatoes and basil that my fingernails turn color. that my fingers, for the rest of the day, smell like basil, olive oil, and tomatoes. and that no amount of washing with soap will diminish this aroma. and the stain remains.
i had forgotten that the flavor of plain pasta itself is divine. and that the first sip of red wine heals all.

rachel's summer salad
farfalle pasta
fresh mozzarella
fresh roma tomatoes
fresh basil
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

cook, chop, and mix.

May 7, 2007

(ma... dove siamo??)

qui, qui, certo!

(e anche)

"there's someting about the Italian language or at least the Neapolitan dialect that makes it so I can understand it very well---"

Naples Oct – 29 – 1889

Dear Father

This morning when I awakened on looking out of my port we were just coming to Ischia the island where a few years ago occurred such an earthquake as has seldom happened to any place it is about fie miles long & very rocky & mountainous in character. We had not long to wait ‘till old Vesuvius & the bay of Naples hove in sight & I truly agree with the Neapolitans in the well-worn phrase “see Naples & then die” for truly it is like a fairy-tale to enter the bay of Naples on a clear morning – on the right looms up Vesuvius the most ideal of volcanoes over 4000 ft high & further on the heights of Sorrento (where I expect to live) & a little further on the right the Island of Capri – on the left is Naples – she dots the hills like jewels against a blue sea & hilly background – one hears much about beauty of the bay of Naples but truly it is simply impossible to tell of this place – one must see it – it is like a dreamland & Naples itself is not disappointing.

. . . . .

George R. Barse, Jr.

May 6, 2007


last night i had a bad time. i'm sitting in line at the bathroom in the northstar cafe and realize i have absolutely no desire to be here. non voglio essere qui. i watched them; i listened. ma sono stanca parlare inglese. sometimes i'm incredulous, sometimes it's overwhelming.

questa è capodimonte. qui, io posso essere in pace. posso vedere caravaggio nel silenzio. non c'è tempo. non c'è preoccupazione. solo la pace. e è vabbene essere da sola e pensare. sospiro.....

May 3, 2007

il sogno

La notte scorsa ho sognato ero al Capri. Le spiagge erano sabbiose e ho nuotato senza paura. Ti ho chiamato da un telecom telefono con mia carta telefonicha e la tua voce eri confortante (è sempre). Abbiamo progettato a incontrare. Adesso, non posso dormire perchè io penso solo dell tuo tocco. Eri vicino nel mio sogno.