January 25, 2007

pomegranate premonition

today was a ridiculously lousy day. by 4 pm i realized that i simply could not not eat a pomegranate. season is over. i only have two (now one) left. it's like they must be preserved until next year, or an emergency.

i cut it open. but it was different this time. it was like it knew i had begun bleeding. and it bled that much more. for me. like sympathy pains, sympathy bleeding. i peeled away all the seeds, out of the water this time. they plucked off the dry skin so easily. it was a mess. the blood splattered up onto my hands, arms, and sweatshirt. almost violent. almost.

inside the fruit are all my ancestors. all the women of italy. and we come together. we bled. and then healed.

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muffin palace said...

i'm sorry it bled on you...but the bleeding usually stops.