February 3, 2008

watching waves

il mar tirreno, porto di napoli, castel dell'ovo


Laura said...
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Laura said...

waves appear to have much in common with the generations, blending, overlapping one with the next, coming together and moving apart, yet always in unison and never ending

ellicepark said...

rachel this is ellice from your poetry class. i read several of your other blog's posts and some from this one.. i dont understand all the italian but the clips are beautiful. and your voice is very strong. you are right, your posts are very sad. but i do think that they are also not so sad. but keeping this journal is a preservative that will take some of the sadness out while it may initially (and for a prolonged time at that) may feel very depressing for yourself. keep writing, and try to look at the sky more often, too, not just the water. : - )