July 16, 2007

le foto per voi

a crazy city. most of the time i'm too tired to write, and most of my life is still on film.

spazzatura (fabio)
but i can share a few digital images for now.

the hospital is a presence every day of our lives, but sometimes we have free time for play....
(di fabio)

in the garden after analysis at the ospedale

my shower

i currently care for fabio's family in any way that i can. contemplating the death/life of a spouse has rendered sergio exhausted and almost functionless. i cook and do laundry nearly everyday. but one morning sergio woke me to tell me fabio was at the hospital and my breakfast was on the table.

(di fabio)

1 comment:

sarahcapshaw said...

this stuff is so wonderful.

i want to marry napoli, and i shed tiny little tears when i see its images by you. i can't wait to see the film.