May 21, 2007

perchè non capite?

it seems quite a few are having a hard time grasping my ideas. and the problem is that my work makes so perfect sense to me, i do not understand the confusion others have and thus have a hard time explaining to non-believers. my ideas are shared with fabio; they are so innate in fabio's life that i find perhaps his words much more eloquent than my own:

28 gennaio:
Tell me about you and your art. Is
it the same art and live? Yes, of course and fighting to eat when with
art you can have [no - rj] money, and so more an more art is life and there is
nothing to smile about this.

19 febbraio:
And i am italian, Rachel! and you - Rachel - are American,
old power and new power touching in us, in our way to have art in our possibility to live.
I want to touch your artistic way to connect reality,
confusing languages,
grammatical way to write,
mixing ourlanguage
and language of man are many and so fusing visual and lips,
and voice too
putting in the fascination of your photos in which the body could talk –
your blu body fragmented in blu pieces is the imagine of this new millennium –
and building bridge between our reality – and they are not so much differents.
Because there is no more straight road
because there is no more unity
but just fragments and pieces and I feel the bloody in veins rivering when we put together the different fragment of our art over the ocean between us.

24 febbraio:
i am
looking for
to see
coul be
my artistic way
with another
that is
in a room
is not art
is just
stupid narcisism
for this reason
i say
there is nosense
in world
and for this
to create
what we want
for us
it is
the story
of infinity
no center
so everypalce
in the same moment
the center
and the oppost of it
the only
thing to do
to give
our sense

my art is not just about becoming italian, becoming who makes me happy, this is life, a way to living, a means of understanding; simply: communication. this is everything. or at least an attempt to know everything. through confusion.

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Herb Vincent Peterson said...

And So, How (despite the blog) do you articulate, formulate, or share this abstract untangable art object? How as I, the viewer, suposed to engage within the unwalls of what you are making? I agree that your life is your art, what you do, what you say, the things you make or smell. Obviously art has been challanged for decades and now with you. There is no difference. You only have to find you niche (unless you desire different). Make me understand your desire, make me envious of what you have and what I only could dream of.